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[YesAuto Industry] Side collision accidents are one of the most dangerous types of traffic accidents. According to statistics, about 700 people in Germany die from side collisions each year, accounting for about one-third of the total death toll. A few days ago, the new pre-crash safety system developed by ZF uses external side airbags that can be activated within milliseconds before the vehicle impacts.

The working principle of the airbag product is to add a new anti-collision buffer zone, which can reduce the impact force of a side collision by up to 40%, thereby effectively protecting the safety of passengers. ZF connects airbags to the sensor system and develops a new algorithm to predict collisions in advance and determine whether to activate the airbags.

Uwe Class, head of the safety travel system department of the ZF advanced engineering team, said: “This safety system can significantly reduce the severity of side collision accidents.” The biggest challenge in the development of this safety system is how to accurately detect unavoidable collisions in advance. , And deploy the external side airbags in time before the collision. It only takes about 150 milliseconds for the system to determine whether the airbag needs to be activated to when it is inflated, which is the blink of an eye.

Vehicle sensors must detect collision risks quickly and accurately. This is achieved by interconnecting cameras, radars and lidars. Through the system software algorithm, it can be judged whether the collision is unavoidable, whether it is necessary to deploy the airbag and benefit the passengers. If these are confirmed, the system will immediately activate the inflator to inflate the airbag. According to different models, the capacity of the airbag is between 280 and 400 liters (equivalent to five to eight times the capacity of a driver's airbag). The airbag deploys upwards from the side to form an anti-collision buffer zone in the door area between the A-pillar and the C-pillar.

When a vehicle is hit by a side collision, if the passenger cabin has been severely deformed, the risk of serious injury to the chest of the occupant sitting on the side directly hit by the impact will be higher. The ZF pre-crash safety system can reduce the impact of the vehicle by up to 30%, helping to significantly reduce the risk of occupant injury.

In addition, the system can also predict unavoidable collisions, and this information can help improve the current level of safety technology. For example, the active control retractor ACR8 can issue a warning to the occupants before a collision, or fix the occupants in a safe position immediately before the collision.