[YesAuto Industry] Recently, German spare parts supplier ZF plans to acquire 90% of Simi Reality Motion Systems occupant recognition software company to expand its cooperation and investment network. It is reported that the company has 35 employees and has decades of experience in the use of image-based 3D systems to record and analyze human movements. Such expertise is very important for the development of occupant identification systems. This system is the basic element to realize the integrated safety system in the autonomous driving environment.

The acquisition of the company will expand ZF's technical capabilities in passenger safety systems such as seat belts, airbags and steering wheels. ZF's technology covers sensor systems and corresponding software used for vehicle external environment and vehicle environment recognition, and is the most comprehensive supplier of products on the market in the field of automotive safety technology.

It is reported that the new interior concept design suitable for highly automated driving or fully automated driving includes: because the driver can delegate some or all of the driving tasks to the car, it also brings more to the driver’s seat position design. Degrees of freedom. For example, in order to make the occupants have a more relaxed driving experience, future cars may turn the occupant's seat backwards or allow the seat to be more inclined than the current one. In order for the system to protect the occupants in these non-traditional design seat positions, the vehicle system needs to sense the occupant's body, position and sitting posture.

Simi Reality Motion Systems Co., Ltd. was established in Niederschleissheim near Munich in 1992, and most of its employees are engaged in software development. The company currently has more than 1,000 system installations in the global market.