[YesAuto Design Decoding] This is a dark horse in sales. From January to October (2019), sales exceeded 100,000 units; this is also a brand new product sequence. Although Chery Automobile has endorsed it, it has only been established for less than two years. This is Chery Holding Jietu. Jietu entered the market with the medium-sized SUV Jietu X70. With its high cost performance and young but unassuming design, it immediately gained a firm foothold. Subsequently, Jietu X90 and Jietu X95 were launched with the hope of making a difference in a higher market. The appearance is the most important factor in the success of a new car. Therefore, in this article, we are talking about the design of the Jietu X95. For this reason, I came to Shanghai specially and intend to have a “passion” with the designers of Jietu. “communicate with.

○The design outline derived from Huizhou culture

In the conference hall by the Dishui Lake, Cao Jinlong in a dark suit looked capable and serious. This was also the first time I met the styling director of Jietu on the scene.

The core design language of Jietu originated from Huizhou architecture. From the overall building walls to the roof tiles (or wadang) in the details, it can be said that Jietu's design language has fully absorbed Huizhou culture.

○Jietu X95 appearance design articles

After establishing the initial design direction and cultural support, the following work entered the refinement stage, the first is the shape design. The design here was presided over by Mr. Lin Haibo, Cao Jinlong's right-hand assistant and Jietu's design executive director.

The sales volume of 100,000 units in 10 months is enough to show how successful the design of this car is. As for the Jietu X95 and the feelings to be conveyed to this car, Lin Haibo is also well-informed.

○Jietu X95 interior design articles

     Let’s take a look at the interior. Jietu’s slogan is: Define the journey with action. Yes, the initial tone of this brand is to hope that everyone can embark on the journey more and experience life. The decoration design actually has a great influence, because the designer will think more about whether the interior meets people's needs and whether the ergonomics is more perfect during long-distance driving.

For Jietu X95, its interior is more practical and comfortable. So how to build it? The enveloping design is a good method.

In the field of design, in addition to the golden section line we mentioned earlier, there is a general rule that “less is more”. The interior designer of Jietu said frankly that this is also an important reference for Jietu X95's interior design.

This function, which has an important impact on driving comfort, can be adjusted in the system and can also be set through physical buttons. After familiarity, it can be operated blindly. The design idea fully considers the practicality.

There is also a design point that interests me—the geometric aesthetic design at the shift lever. This is also a concept in the design field. By simplifying the button shape, let it present the classic geometric shape and achieve a simple visual experience. At the same time, it can also bring a better texture.

In general, the overall texture of the interior design of the Jietu X95 is more prominent. The two 12.3-inch large screens create a sufficient sense of technology. Through the layout of horizontal vision and vertical control, an alternative enveloping design is formed. At the same time, the application of a large number of leather materials has further improved the experience in terms of comfort.

Editor's comment: What is Midea's design? Frankly speaking, design disciplines are things where the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom. Of course, although the design cannot be quantified, the essence is actually the embodiment of user value. Good design must be people-oriented and ultimately serve people. This time, the Jietu X95 has inherited and improved on the basis of the Jietu X70 (design basis). In my opinion, it has reached a good design level, and although this car is the current flagship model, it has not been designed. Too much publicity, but to continue to retain the Hui culture and elegant cultural style, and at the same time to perform and create on the basis of the Hui culture. This should be the way to go, and the basic skills are solid, and everything will happen. . So in the future, will the Jietu X95 be able to create the outstanding results of the Jietu X70? Let's wait and see! (Car home picture/text Leng Xiaoyang)