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[YesAuto Auto Race] After the first race in Dengfeng, Henan, the 2016 China CRC Rally Championship once again fired its shots. On August 5th, the much-watched second race beat the drums for the sixth time in the ancient city of Zhangye, Ganzhou. At the same time, this race was also a sub-station of the APRC Asia Pacific Rally Championship. Can the Chang'an Yidong Rally Team and Yidong XT Chariot, which won the first race in Dengfeng, once again attack the championship in the challenging Zhangye stage?

The vehicle for this competition is modified based on the Chang'an Yidong XT model. This Chang'an Yidong XT race car participates in the S2 competition. According to the modification rules, the car needs to use the original second-generation 1.6-liter GDI in-cylinder direct injection new all-aluminum alloy engine with a maximum power of 94kW and a maximum torque of 168N·m. Compared with the parameters of the power per liter and the torque per liter, it has fully exceeded 1.8 Mainstream models of the same level as L.

In terms of the driver lineup, the Chang'an Yidong Rally Team has also dispatched elite soldiers, including not only experienced veteran drivers, but also a lineup of outstanding young drivers. The veteran drivers will provide valuable suggestions for the modification of the vehicle. Drivers will fight bravely on the battlefield and strive to win the championship. The two combine to fight for group honor and personal honor.

The whole race is about 734 kilometers, including about 237 kilometers of stage. The organizing committee uses six competition routes to form nine competition stages, all of which are gravel roads. Difficulties such as heat, many bends, narrow roads and unexpected steep slopes are concentrated. There are many sharp bends and big-angle corners throughout the course, and when driving in the Gobi sand and gravel track, there are very few reference objects, which makes it more difficult for the navigator and the driver to recognize the direction. Of course, these harsh environments and complex terrains pose great challenges to racing performance and driver skills.

After the two stages on the first day, Deng Xiaowen and Xie Siwen of Changan Yidong Rally Racing Team performed well and beat all the best, ranking first in the S2 group. Sun Chao/Chen Yiping of the 96th group was stable. Play temporarily fourth place. Many domestic brands of racing cars compete for hegemony in the Gobi, becoming one of the biggest attractions of this competition!

After three days of fierce competition, on August 7, 2016, the second station of the China Rally Championship came to an end in Zhangye, Gansu. The Yidong XT racing car of Changan Yidong Rally Team has launched a fierce Gobi hegemony with many domestic and international racing cars. The drivers of Chang'an Yidong Team surpassed many large-displacement, deep-modified and even world-class players with their outstanding performance, and won the National Two-wheel Drive Manufacturers Cup. At the same time, Deng Xiaowen and Xie Siwen of the No. 95 car group of Chang'an Yidong Rally Racing Team and the No. 96 car group Sun Chao and Chen Yiping won the second and fifth places in the S2 group respectively. This is also another heavyweight award won by Changan Yidong Rally Team after the first championship of the S2 group at Dengfeng Station.