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Design Palace

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Design Interpretation of the Target Female User Euler's "Double Cats"

You may not be familiar with her economics, this new Chinese word published by the Ministry of Education in 2007,…

Dismantling Analysis

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The salvation of dual-clutch talk about Roewe 7-speed wet DCT gearbox

When it comes to dual-clutch gearboxes, it seems that it is a never-ending debate. Some people like it because it…

Technical Experience

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Here is a different analysis of Tesla's Shanghai Super Factory

Speaking of new energy vehicles? Tesla seems to be a brand that can never be bypassed. The Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory…

Technology Tutorials

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The world's longest-lived Bentley Rolls-Royce L series engine

When you talk about feelings, what do you think of? Classic, unique, always remembered and often mentioned and missed. Some…