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Auto Life

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German ADAC actually did a Lego car model crash test

Nowadays, when someone in the country does something meaningless and boring, people will say "Thank you Yuan Longping", which means…

Brand History

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Lamborghini comparable to the "Car Name Story" of the Bullfighting Museum

As a top Italian car manufacturer, Lamborghini is closely related to the "bull" from brand LOGO to model naming. Is…

Car Celebrities

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Demystifying what kind of car a professional second-hand car buyer with a monthly income of tens of thousands drive

In the second-hand car circle, there is such a profession. They know technology, can evaluate, and have resources. They travel…

Classic Car

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After years of returning to Jianghu Golf 8 GTI, he is here

As a 45-year-old performance car series, the Golf GTI has always been active in the ranks of small steel guns.…

Past Events

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French sports car of the evil capitalist Soviet astronaut

Automobile, aerospace and military, these three will always have some wonderful relationships, and today's story is probably the more wonderful…

Vehicle History

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C-bit debut 10 things you should know about the Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The domestically-made new Mercedes-Benz C-Class has finally come! How many "tripointed stars" are there on the front face of the…