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Comparative Evaluation

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Hengping comments on electric vehicles within 300,000 yuan of the "E" army emergence

Admit it, now you will also have thought about the question of "Which electric car to buy for 300,000 yuan…

Long-term Evaluation

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"Fried cold rice" hardcore off-road Haval H9 needs a long test (1)

It has been a year since the Haval H9 came to the company. During this year, due to the large…

Professional Evaluation

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Keep up with the times to test the 2013 BMW 740Li xDrive

BMW named their top flagship the 7 Series. The number "7" is very mysterious. For example, a person has 7…

Test Drive Experience

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Less oily smell Honda new technology model test drive experience

This is a special test drive experience event. Said it especially because it was invited by Honda to come to…