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Power to improve BMW M2 3.0T engine analysis

The BMW M2 was officially released at the end of October last year. BMW's compact coupe attracted the attention of many BMW fans as soon as it was released. Compared with the BMW 2 Series M235i (F22), the BMW M2…

AC Schnitzer launches BMW 2 Series full set of modification kits

BMW modification expert AC Schnitzer recently released the entire set of modification kits for the BMW 2 Series, including carbon fiber body kits, wheels, damping kits and power systems. In appearance, AC Schintzer designed a carbon fiber front lip, a…

Design World Olympic 2015 Red Dot Design Mass Production Model

Today, when this information is spreading almost explosively, we are surrounded by fresh content in different fields every day. Recently, I found that emails in my e-mail, advertisements on the road, and even design friends around me are repeatedly mentioning…