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New life car New Baojun RC-5/RC-5w design interpretation

SAIC-GM-Wuling has ambitious product plans in 2020, especially its new Baojun brand. It is expected that six new cars will be released this year, which is very ambitious. Today, the new Baojun RC-5/RC-5w (hereinafter referred to as RC-5 and RC-5w),…

Already trustworthy 4 mature self-branded compact cars

Many people are struggling with a problem when buying a car. Seeing that their own brand models have relatively rich configurations and relatively low prices, they have been drumming up before they are sold. On the one hand, they have…

The 80,000 yuan urban car contest Jingrui vs. Marci

For consumers who have just stepped into society and plan to buy a car soon, 100,000 yuan is a psychological threshold. Excluding insurance taxes and fees, the price of a bare car is around 80,000 yuan. In this section, you…