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Eating hot pot with sesame sauce Tesla Model X Smart Car Link

To say that Tesla is a revolutionizer of automobiles, there should not be many people who would oppose it. In terms of human-computer interaction alone, Tesla from Silicon Valley, the world's science and technology center, once swept the entire automobile…

Open patents/push new SUVs. What is Tesla doing recently?

Recently, a "Tesla Open Technology Patent" news once again set off a wave of heated discussions about Tesla. As the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, a man who has failed four rocket launches, once again used the "alternative" approach in…

"Three Kingdoms"-Three Kinds of Power Consumption Competition

This is the first time that we have put together three medium and large SUVs of different powertrain types to test energy consumption and energy costs. Among them, there are the benchmark of traditional gasoline vehicles-the new BMW X5, the…